Cane Back Dining Chairs Repair

Cane back dining chairs repair and care techniques are essential for homeowners who want to purchase classic cane dining chairs. Cane is a natural material that when woven, provides a comfortable, flexible seating or backing for chairs. Its timeless design has endured through centuries, partly because it has such a delicate appearance with strength enough to seat a strapping adult diner.

Yet cane is not a material that can withstand abuse. It does take some care and tends to wear out before the frame does. Caning on dining chairs often comes unraveled over time, and needs to be repaired or replaced in order for the chair to retain its natural beauty.

Cane Back Dining Chairs from the Connoiseur

Until homeowners have the materials and knowledge to undertake the repair or the time and money to take it to a professional cane repair craftsperson, they can cover the seats and backs with cushions or slipcovers until they can repair the caning.

With a woven cane chair, homeowners can select strand-style cane designed for chairs to effect repairs. To select the cane, one must first measure the diameters of the holes that the cane goes through. With that information, homeowners can consult the suppliers’ charts to select the proper cane.

Pre-woven cane dining chairs can be repaired as well. Homeowners can identify pre-woven caning by the presence of a shallow ridge on the front of the chair back. The ridge will contain spline, a ribbon-like piece of construction material that serves as a bridge between the cane and the wood. To repair pre-woven cane, replacement material can be purchased after careful removal of the spline and the existing cane.

Elements Weathered Oak Cane Back Dining Chairs

Homeowners would be wise to take proper care of their dining chairs in order to extend the life of the chair and avoid the need to repair their cane back dining chairs. Owners would do well to keep the chairs out of areas with wide variations of temperature and humidity. Dusting with a product that contains oil will help extend the life of cane by keeping it supple. Using chair pads or cushions before the caning comes unraveled will be of great help, particularly if the chairs are used often.

Though cane is a popular choice for dining room chairs, homeowners should be advised to do their homework before purchasing such chairs for everyday use. After purchase, homeowners can enjoy their new chairs by taking good care of their furniture to extend its life and become a family heirloom.

15 Photos of the Cane Back Dining Chairs Repair

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