Dining Room Chair Slipcovers – Linen the Perfect Summer Fabric

Perhaps the perfect summer fabric in which to create dining room chair slipcovers is linen. An old test for weeding out faux linen is to wet the fabric with one’s finger and then test the wet spot for coolness. If the fabric feels cool to the touch, it is probably linen. That is because linen is a hygroscopic fabric, meaning that is wicks moisture away from the body and into the air, producing a cooling effect.

Furniture designers as well as clothiers, aware of linen’s properties, have created furniture pieces with linen upholstery for their high-end clients who live in warmer climates. But a year-round solution for a wealthy family in the tropics July not be the perfect solution for a family who lives in a more temperate climate zone, who needs a fabric that can adapt to a wide range of temperatures.

Nice Creative Homemade Colorful Dining Chair

Enter linen slipcovers. Like clothing for seating furniture, linen slipcovers go on top of the furniture’s existing upholstery to provide a change of color or texture for the furniture. When temperatures soar, families can bring out linen slipcovers to cover their dining chairs, sofas, and other seating to provide a cool, comfortable place to relax or to dine.

Linen dining room chair slipcovers also give an airy, summery look to the dining space, a plus during hot days in which even the appearance of lightness can make diners feel cooler. Such designs also lend themselves well to displaying the array of light foods that compose summertime meals and complement summer-themed dining accessories.

Yet linen used in dining room chair slipcovers can be a problem unless care is taken to use only preshrunk covers for the furniture. Although spraying the fabric with a stain-resistant substance is highly recommended, some stains just cannot come out without laundering. Using linen slipcovers that are made of preshrunk fabric ensures that the covers will fit just as well after laundering or before, a must for dining chairs that are the recipient of several spills over the span of a summer.

Creative Dining Room Chair Slip Covers

Linen slipcovers for dining chairs are the perfect summertime solution to the problem of thick, heat-retaining upholstery that are often found on dining room chairs. Using economical, easy-to care for linen slipcovers during the summer will help homeowners relax and enjoy summer meals.

15 Photos of the Dining Room Chair Slipcovers – Linen the Perfect Summer Fabric

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