Oval Back Dining Chair in White

For a classic look that hearkens back to the neoclassicism of English furniture designer George Hepplewhite, homeowners need only to look for oval back dining chairs in white to create a classic atmosphere of elegance. The smooth curves relax the eye, and the pristine white upholstery lifts the spirits of the diners while they enjoy stimulating conversation around the dinner table.

Positive energy radiates from such a gracious dining space. The graceful curves of the chairs combined with the use of white creates a dining area that family and guests will find welcoming, gracious, and restful. It is no wonder. Feng shui, the Chinese art of arranging objects in a building to produce positive energy and good luck, has long touted the benefits of using both curved designs and the color white.

Baker Oval Back Dining Chair

In Feng shui, the color white lends a metal element to a room when used in the décor. It conveys the feelings of clarity, cleanliness, and freshness – all desirable qualities in a dining space. According to Feng shui practitioner Carol Olmstead, white demarcates time as well as space, beginnings and endings.

As for Feng shui’s bent for curved designs, it turns out that the ancient discipline’s preference for curved designs has a basis in science.

Olmstead cites a recent study by the University of Toronto. In their research, the scientists conducting the study discovered that the human brain is hard-wired to prefer curved designs. To the human brain, curves equal beauty and evoke positive emotions when seen by the human eye.

Classic Oval Back Dining Chair

When a dining space combines curves with white, it creates an oasis for diners to enjoy both food and conversation. Oval backed dining chairs upholstered in pristine white make a valuable addition to a dining space. Homeowners who choose such a combination create a tranquil space for families to share thoughts and create treasured memories.

15 Photos of the Oval Back Dining Chair in White

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