Henry Hall Designs Outdoor Dining Chairs

Stackable Dining Chairs from Ikea

For homeowners looking to furnish a small dining space, stackable dining chairs from Ikea July be the perfect solution. Although small dining rooms have many advantages – they create a more intimate space for dining, as well as less space to clean up afterwards, they also present a unique challenge when it comes time to choose furniture for the space. Homeowners can look to the food service industry for a […]

Upholstered Simple Dining Chairs with Arms

Upholstered Dining Chairs on Sale

To find upholstered dining chairs on sale, homeowners should start by combing the ads in their local paper. Furniture stores usually post advertisements just before their big sales start. Circle those pieces that interest you, and then head down to the store, ad in hand. You don’t want to fall for the “bait-and-switch” tactic that many stores pull on unsuspecting customers. The advertised merchandise is the store’s group of “loss […]

Dining Chair Cushions with Many Color

Dining Chair Cushions – Outdoor Spaces’ Most Overlooked Accessory

Patio furniture can be drab without the right outdoor dining chair cushions. All too many homeowners neglect the importance of choosing fine cushions for their home’s outdoor spaces as well as their interiors. The color, fabric, and shape of outdoor dining chair cushions can add just the right touch to make al fresco dining elegant and comfortable – and set the mood for outdoor enjoyment later. A home has a […]

Ideas for Dining Room Chairs

Dining Room Chairs Styles

In today’s design world, dining room chairs in styles that homeowners personalize according to their individual tastes are all the rage. Whether they choose an eclectic combination of styles from different eras, new and repurposed furnishings, or a faithful reproduction of a dining room from an earlier time, homeowners can feel free to mix and match as they choose. Home decorating magazines as diverse as House Beautiful and Country Living […]

Simple Outdoor Dining Chairs Design

Outdoor Dining Chairs Modern

In the hugely popular Midcentury Modern look, outdoor dining chairs should be transition pieces that help blend the interior furniture with the outdoors. The modern style, after all, is all about the seamless flow of line both inside and outside the home. Carefully chosen furniture for transitional spaces, such as patios, give modern homes the ease and functionality they were designed for. Originally, modern homes were built for families who […]

Nobu loom backless counter

Traditional Backless Bar Stools Provide Economy and Ease

Though backless bar stools have stood the test of time, many homeowners and restaurateurs have begun using bar stools that seem to be half chair, half stool, many of the stools having backs even arms. Yet if a homeowner or restaurateur needs an economical solution that is easy to move into various positions and can be tucked away easily when not in use, one should consider a backless bar stool. […]

Awesome Rattan Dining Chair Images

Rattan Dining Chairs at World Market

Purchasing rattan dining chairs at World Market can be an exotic, yet affordable choice for homeowners who want a breezy, natural look in their dining rooms. Crafted from a plant native to Southeast Asia, rattan furniture is lightweight but strong, which makes it an ideal choice for homeowners who want dining furniture that can be easily moved out of the dining room for parties and family gatherings, yet holds up […]