Luxury Decorating Modern White Dining Room Furniture

White Dining Room Chairs from Ikea

For homeowners who want their dining room to be lighter, brighter, and more uplifting, white dining room chairs from Ikea July help transform a dark, cave-like dining room into an inspiring space where guests and family alike will choose to linger. Ikea, a furniture retailer that specializes in contemporary design with an eye to convenience, will not disappoint with their selection. They have many designs to choose from, from all-white […]

Nobu loom backless counter

Traditional Backless Bar Stools Provide Economy and Ease

Though backless bar stools have stood the test of time, many homeowners and restaurateurs have begun using bar stools that seem to be half chair, half stool, many of the stools having backs even arms. Yet if a homeowner or restaurateur needs an economical solution that is easy to move into various positions and can be tucked away easily when not in use, one should consider a backless bar stool. […]

Minimalist Retro Dining Chairs Ideas

Retro Dining Chairs Sale Provides Inspiration for Midcentury Design

From the popular television program, “Mad Men” has sprung a newfound interest in the furniture designs of the 1960s and 1970s, creating a great market for retro dining chairs for sale. The designs from that era are streamlined, with atomic punch that often adds a pop of color in unexpected places, using a wide variety of materials – plastics, woods, chrome, steel, and vinyl (often dubbed “leatherette”) to highlight the […]

Solid Cherry Cane Back Queen Anne Dining Chair

Queen Anne Dining Chairs in Cherry

Queen Anne dining chairs in cherry are the ultimate in elegance for a formal dining room. With their airy, curved designs and graceful cabriole legs, these chairs add instant class to a home. Their cushioned seats, often in silk or silk-like synthetics, offer diners comfort while they dine in an exquisite setting. Like fine wine, dining chairs crafted from cherry wood get better with age. The wood, originally light in […]

Glamour Acrylic Dining Chairs Style

Acrylic Dining Chairs Cheap

Acrylic dining chairs at cheap prices are not easy to come by in today’s market. Often transparent, available in a stunning array of colors, acrylic furniture looks like glass, but is much more durable. More durable, in fact, than metal, which can corrode over time. Though acrylic-dining furniture can never approach wood furniture in texture and warmth, it nevertheless is more durable and a great fit with contemporary interiors. Bold […]

Simple French Country Dining Chairs Designs

French Country Dining Chairs Upholstered

French country dining chairs upholstered in toile or other rustic cotton fabrics can set the tone for an authentic French country dining room. Natural materials are, after all, one of the hallmarks of the French Country style. The French Country style is perfect for homeowners who want a casual yet elegant dining room that reflects both a love of nature and a respect for the past. French Country design has […]